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Welcome to International Trading Co. Ltd.
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Our business tradition began since 1956 in which a major portion of business targeted in National, Panasonic for a long   period of 42 years as the sole agents in Saudi Arabia. We worked under Al Dahlawi Group of Companies. When the company was in the peak position in the market we established a sister concern in the name of International Trading Company Ltd. ( ITC).

ITC was established in 1979. Initially the sales activities were limited to multinational branded products. In order to respond to the changing trend in the market we decided to launch our own brand “LUNA”. We started to source electronics and home appliances goods from reputed manufacturers in Korea, China, Taiwan and Pakistan. LUNA offers products range from Color Televisions to entire range of home appliances including Refrigerators, Freezers, Water Dispenser, Washing Machines, Air-Conditioners Gas Cookers etc, with over 200 household essentials, gadgets of comfort and entertainment. In fact LUNA is household name in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Within a short period of time, LUNA has been known for a very reliable product range and premier among all OEM brands in the Kingdom. The unique quality and after  sales service are the most important factors which have made LUNA to be the most leading brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ITC has launched another brand “CRYSTAL” in the year 2001.  Aim to introduce Crystal brand to target a upper middle class segment and has been successful in achieving our target by consistent increase in the market shares.

ITC is operating its business activities under the patronage of chairman Hassan M. Jameel Dahlawi himself. The company emphasizes on top management which makes it distinctly different from its competitors. Our strong sales network through out the kingdom enable us to reach even in remote areas as well. The sales, marketing and technical services are staffed with highly qualified professionals, substantiated with years of market experience in Saudi Arabia. The management carefully and diligently appoints the team which has passion for quality and customer service, sincerity and honesty in all its facets and total commitment to overall excellence is the philosophy behind the company and its personnels. The pursuit of excellence does not stop with products alone, it manifested in every thought and action of the management.